Bid Committee

Our bid committee contains a mix of folk from both international and Finnish fandoms, and we have a wide base of experience to plan the best convention possible. We have experience in running Worldcons as well as other Science Fictional fannish conventions of comparable size, including past and current chairs and division heads of Readercon, Arisia, Boskone, CONvergence, and a number of Finncons, our national convention that in recent years has had 3,000-15,000 attending members.

We are: Eemeli Aro (bid chair), Saija Aro (con co-chair), Adam Beaton, Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf, Hanna Hakkarainen, Jukka Halme (con co-chair), Crystal Huff (con co-chair), Sanna Kellokoski, P.R. Khangure, Charlotte Laihonen, Michael Lee, Karo Leikomaa, Marianna “Kisu” Leikomaa, Elise Matthesen, Cathy Mullican, Sini Neuvonen, Mihaela Marija Perković, Sari Polvinen, Kevin Roche, Vesa Sisättö, Jukka Särkijärvi, Pasi Vihinen, Dirk M. Weger, and Elisa Wiik.

Our board of directors is comprised of Eemeli Aro, Karo Leikomaa, Jukka Halme, Crystal Huff, and Michael Lee.